Project Details

Everyone knows the US Air Force has pilots, planes, and mechanics. The problem is, that’s all they know. They don’t know about the careers in Special Operations, Space Command, Intelligence, and more. So how do you let potential recruits, that spend every waking moment playing videos games know what the Air Force offers? You make a video game.

Airman Challenge puts users in command as they hand-pick teams to accomplish missions the Air Force undertakes every day. They have to learn what each career field does and doesn’t do. Because sending in the wrong team leads to mission failure. With their team of Airmen selected, users go on missions that have them fighting Afghanistan, providing humanitarian relief in Bolivia, fending off cyber attacks in the States, and more. As users complete missions, they gain experience. They’re rewarded with rank, achievements, and exclusive downloads. Facebook integration not only encourages sharing with friends, but challenges them as well.

Airman Challenge is a thinking-person’s game, that’s as intellectually challenging as it is entertaining. Playing it just one time means learning something new about the Air Force. And that opens the door to just one more potential recruit.