Project Details

As one of its outreach efforts, the Air Force sends this mobile Performance Lab trailer to Air Shows and Sporting events around the country. The USAF objectives are to expand understanding about career paths they can offer as well as to generate qualified candidate leads. This trailer can be easily moved to multiple locations in a short period of time. It houses several interactive experiences that participants can interact with freely and that inspire conversation between the Air Force recruiters and event patrons.

We teamed up with GSD&M and ReelFX to build, maintain, and install the digital experiences offered in this tour. These experiences gamify tests of agility and reaction time. RFID bracelets are used to login to the different games and the user’s results are then displayed via an onsite leaderboard. The trailer houses 9 touchscreen puzzle games, 3 virtual reality flight simulators, and 1 motion tracking pullup challenge.

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