The Challenge

Dynetics, a subsidiary of Leidos, and a global leader in IT, Aerospace, and Defense technologies is competing to put the first woman on the moon. Their Human Landing System, referred to as the “HLS”, is one of 3 aircraft bidding to NASA to be chosen for the 2024 Artemis Missions. In a tightly contested race and one during a global pandemic, Dynetics needed an innovative way to showcase and market their aircraft to Nasa. In the past, a physical life-size model would be built and shipped from tradeshow to events to demonstrate the aircraft. Now the requirement was a digital, easily sharable experience that would work across many devices, and was due in 10 weeks.

Our Solution

The Virtual Wild created an interactive website experience that visualizes the aircraft’s mission and provides hands-on exploration of its design features. Accessible across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, this highly shareable and innovative solution also has an Augmented Reality component to visualize the aircraft in your own backyard. Utilizing the latest in Web-GL and three.js technologies, The Virtual Wild conceived, designed, and executed the complete project, on budget and on time, and is proud to help support a global leader in their quest to expand human-kinds presence in space.

Our work in the news

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